How to Prep for the Best Road Trip Ever

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Ready to get on the road again?

Zara Renae, associate editor of My Travel Zen, gives the best tips and tricks for the ultimate nomadland life.

Back in my younger days, family road trips with a rented RV towed in our car was a common thing. Needless to say, road trips and everything they pertain to have been like a second nature to me as an adult. I just love them! However, it took me a while to learn how to schedule one properly.

I have finally sorted this out and I’m about to share everything I’ve learned about road planning thus far.

Beyond question, the key to a great road trip is the route path and this is where I want to shed some light. But, in addition to route mapping, solo travelers may require some additional planning.

Picking Your Destination

There are some destinations where it’s not that safe to go solo. I’d personally stay away from routes that were too far-flung in the wilderness or had poor phone signal. I would also avoid any road trips in a place with vastly different driving ways than the ones I’m familiar with. Also, I would never again enter a highway with a sketchy reputation even though I did once–and it was a frightening experience.

But, even excluding the above, there are still several road trips opportunities to explore.

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