11 Destinations in the United States That Resemble Europe

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If you intend to visit a classy destination in Europe during the holidays, some of the best alternative US holiday destinations are described for you here!

The European Union has decided that from June 18th, 2020, it would open its doors to American visitors after about 458 days of tight restrictions as a result of the recent pandemic.

Even though the recent ban has been lifted and considering the uncertainties surrounding COVID 19 restrictions in different parts of Europe as well as the recent surge of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, postponing your vacation to Europe until 2022 might seem like a very good idea. Fortunately, a couple of holiday destinations nearby are available that offer a similar European experience.

First for instance, 

For lovers of the arts and crafts center of the coastal region of Cornwall, England.

Alternative destination: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Where to lodge: Chatham Bars Inn.

Wellfleet harbor. Credit: Shutterstock.

Cape Cod offers a wide range of amazing Atlantic coastline, dunes, sweeping sand, delicious seafood, and a wealthy arts and crafts community. This holiday destination offers a similar experience as Cornwall, provided that you don’t have any issue substituting clambakes for Cornish pasties. The memorable 1914 Chatham Bars Inn was built on an oceanfront that you can wake up to every morning as well as a private long beach of about a quarter-mile to enjoy throughout the day. You can also go downtown to enjoy and appreciate the homes surrounded by picket fences and the small galleries. Unfortunately, this exempts Ross Poldark.

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